no time for anything!

This morning I really wanted to write. I didn’t get to do it all day. I’m really not sure what happened, but somehow there was no time. In an effort to find out how this has been possible, I have listed all my activities today and I will ruthlessly analyse them to see where I went wrong.

  • I had breakfast and read the newspaper.
    Obviously, totally important. Nothing wrong with that. The fact that I skipped through the newsy part and devoted half an hour to the local news is only common sense, because I get headaches from all the negative stuff that happens in the world and who wants that at breakfast? 
  • I read through a large number of blog posts, news articles, comments, etc. that I had been neglecting for days.
    Most of them were serious things. News. Law commentaries. Cute animal videos. Commentaries on contemporary feminism. Music reviews. You know, the usual stuff. It also did *not* take me the whole morning. Only about four hours.
  • I researched temporary and part-time jobs here in my hometown.
    Extremely boring, but has to be done. It didn’t take more than twenty minutes as well, but then I received a shock that it took me hours to recover from: they really want me to send an application by *letter* for working part-time at a gas station. Did I slip into a time-loop? Should I go up to the attic and see if my mum’s old 70s clothes fit me? Then I had to go and look at some more newsy stuff, to check which decade I’m in.
  • I argued with myself over which type of job it would make most sense to apply for.
    Important! I cannot apply to just anything… I need to have a plan first, especially if I have to combine working part-time with receiving (partially) social benefits.
    *note to self: keep in mind that all this is only temporary until you get a real job*
  • I wrote e-mails.
    Gotta keep in touch with my friends! They are all over the world, and I’m stuck in this little town now. E-mails, facebook and skype are important. They are the substitutes for my non-existant social life. So back off on this one!
  •  I read the last few chapters of Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep.
     I couldn’t stop thinking about it! It’s no use trying to write your own story when you think in the language of another book and that character is influencing how your characters talk!
  • I had a nap in the sun with the dog at my side.
    Important for bonding. Also important for the functionality of my brain. Even more important for the dog, who just needs personal contact all the time.
  • I kidnapped my sister’s camera and experimented with it.
    Alright, I give in on this one. It might not have been entirely necessary. But it was sooo much fun. And the pictures just look so nice! See for yourself: 

I really don’t see how I could have squeezed any writing time in there. Honestly. Just too busy.

Any writers out there? When do you write? How do you hold yourself accountable?


About wordsurfer

writer, ex-teacher, human rights believer & fighter, traveller, adventure-seeker, freedom lover, global citizen. big on daydreams, less so on reality.

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