a rambling roundup of randomness

I almost went to bed without remembering to write a new post. I’m not sure I can stick to writing one every day for a whole year, but I’m certainly not giving up after not even two weeks! So here I am, with nothing new to say.

I’ve been thinking about my wonderfully smart friend Fitri‘s advice, that I should be treating writing like a ‘real job’ and establish some kind of office hours, which sounds like a sound idea. (I really need to look up why ‘to sound’ and ‘sound’ are the same!) So I devised a new plan this morning and stuck it up next to my desk, with all the other plans I make every other day or so. They are all written on small post-it notes in pink, green, violet, yellow and orange. And with colourful pens.

Hey, it works for me.

Despite having this new great plan that will help me write more, I didn’t get around to writing today at all. Instead I spent the whole day tinkering with my other project, the human rights blog I was complaining about some days ago. I figured some stuff out and it’s looking better by the hour. Tomorrow I will test-drive it with the help of two friends, and if everything works fine, I’ll send out invitations to my fellow-bloggers-to-be on this group project and I’ll get some serious feedback, and then soon, we can get started! I cannot wait to get going on that blog for real, it’s going to be SO awesome!

Oh, and I still haven’t made up my mind on the question I asked your help for yesterday. The answers so far are one against one.

Until I have made up my mind, I’m re-reading Alexander McCall Smith’s ‘The Double Comfort Safari Club’. His books always calm me down and make me smile. Try it yourself. You won’t be able to resist smiling while you read. I’m pretty sure about it.


About wordsurfer

writer, ex-teacher, human rights believer & fighter, traveller, adventure-seeker, freedom lover, global citizen. big on daydreams, less so on reality.

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