… and she’s off!

I think I’m getting old.

No, really.

Time was, I’d jump at a chance to go ANYwhere at a moment’s notice, anywhere new, anywhere exciting. Packing? A matter of minutes – the list of things to stuff in my backpack was in my mind all the time anyway. No worries about where I’d end up, no worries about what I’d do when I got there… It was all so easy.

At the moment, I’m preparing for a week in the UK. I’m going back for graduation. Not to take part in the ceremony, mind you (I’m not a fan of uniforms, especially ridiculous ones that date from the 17th century or whatever, and cost a ridiculous sum not even to buy but to rent!), but to see my friends, who are converging there, arriving from all over the world. There’ll be a drinks reception with the current students, a dinner with our professors, and lots of catching up, visits to the pub, eating out, and so on and so on. That part of it, I’m looking forward to, very much.

What I’m not looking forward to is the packing – which I need to do in the next two hours, because I’m leaving this afternoon. I’m only taking hand luggage (SO much cheaper!), so that doesn’t make it easier. Have you ever experienced a woman trying to pack semi-formal, party and casual clothes, plus all the electronic gadgets that the normal person of today needs, into an eight-kilo trolley suitcase?

I’m not looking forward to the travelling as such: train, another train, another train, plane, bus, bus. The only thing to look forward to is that all that travelling will eventually end at my friend’s house late tonight.

I’m not looking forward to all the chaos and decisions, either. There is no way in which we can fit the schedules of twenty or more people together and I really want to spend time with everyone. But already I had to make promises to people and I’m not sure how that will pan out. I find it incredibly stressful to open my e-mail account and find six e-mails, asking me what my plans are, where I will be at what time, who I will see when… It’s lovely to be missed, but still.

By the way, there is no point to this post. I wanted to do something meaningful with it, end it on the lines of “just go with the flow” – something of universal value, possibly fluffy and preferably witty, but I’m too tired and I’m sure I’ve forgotten to pack the charger for my camera and anyway, I need to check th status of my last-minute laundry.

Oh, and can someone please remind me to NOT forget to do the online check-in and to make QUITE sure that I print out the tickets? Thanks.


P.S. Oh, and… anyone interested in a touristy or not-so-touristy tour of London on here? Since a lot of my readers seem to be located in the US, maybe most of you haven’t been there and would like a look? Just an idea. I’ll think about it, in between trying to remember where I put my UK phone card and deciding which shoes to take.


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writer, ex-teacher, human rights believer & fighter, traveller, adventure-seeker, freedom lover, global citizen. big on daydreams, less so on reality.

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