In our latitude, the four seasons supposedly all take roughly the same time, about three months, give or take a few weeks. Then why is it that summer always seems so very much shorter than any of the other three?

I long for summer every time and then I blink and it’s June, I blink again and July’s gone and suddenly it’s August and the air smells of harvested wheat and apples falling from the trees and there’s this familiar, tangy, not-quite-summery scent in the air.

Even though the sun is still hot and bright, the light has become just a hint more mellow – not as fierce as it was just two weeks ago. Even though everything is still green and there are summer flowers everywhere, the green is just a hint tired, and the golden browns are starting to slowly, slowly take over from the greens. And even though my daydreams are filled with summer pictures, the memories of picking up wild apples on Sunday walks, flying kites on stubbly fields and eating my grandma’s plum cake with plums picked off the tree the same day, are starting to infiltrate my summer dream.

Can it be that autumn is really that close already? Where did my glorious, the-smell-of-rain-on-a-dusty-road, eating-lemon-ice-cream-in-the-park, jumping-through-the-spray-of-the-garden-sprinkler, napping-through-a-heatwave, sitting-around-the-fire-until-midnight summer go?!?

oat field in August

fields and hillside in August

crows sitting in apple trees

straw bales on an August field


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writer, ex-teacher, human rights believer & fighter, traveller, adventure-seeker, freedom lover, global citizen. big on daydreams, less so on reality.

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  1. danm’it…’re just so…. right….it is true….just yesterday I said exaclty that to my little sister as we sat in the garden for a break of acadamic-work “doesn’t it just feel, smell and look like autumn already?”…..and the pictueres are so very wow! i love the crows in the apples!

  2. Not to be too didactic amid your thoughtful ramblings, but summer is actually the longest of the seasons . . . around here, trees seem to be turning already, but that’s drought, not autumn.

  3. What a good piece of text! i enjoyed it because one of thestrongest life marks in my life was this unequity between seasons lenghts at our stay in the UK. Coming fron the torpics, we had always a dream of “feeling” the seasons along a year, but in our experience int he UK 6 months of winter, and 3 weeks of summer is just NOT FAIR!

    Regards, Mario

    • No, it’s not fair! Spring and autumn are lovely, actually. Both can be very beautiful, though in very different ways. But Mario, at least you had winter, with real snow and everything. That at least is something you don’t get in the tropics. 🙂

  4. You have lovely fall-infiltrated summer dreams. A great use of words for talking about the turn of the season. Just lovely.

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