discovering gold

After more than a week mostly away from the internet, my laptop and even my mp3-player, I’ve been back at a desk again (my sister’s, not mine, but still) and breaking my music fast.

Yesterday was The Lumineers. Their debut album has been out for half a year now and I knew the songs, but for some reason, I hadn’t listened to the whole album in one go. I did yesterday. I played it in a continuous loop on my headphones while working out some characters for a story that came to me in a dream. Actually, a lot of story ideas come to me in dreams, but that’s another blog post altogether. Right now, I want to tell you about this album that kept me tapping my feet, drumming on the desk or just rocking the desk chair.

 The eleven songs on this are all beautiful. I can’t even decide which one I like best. On one listen it’s the one, on another it’s a different song. Each one is precious and all of them have intriguing lyrics.

You know how sometimes you go on listening to a song and you can sort of sing along but you don’t really know what they are singing because you haven’t really listened? And then, suddenly, a line will jump out at you and grab you by the throat and you will be mesmerized. It’s like walking along the road and watching all the flowers, and then seeing a glint on the floor, so you bend down to have a closer look and you realize there’s a bit of gold on the road and then you look up and you see that the whole road is made out of gold.

That’s what happened to me yesterday, not with only one song, but with the whole album. Every one of those eleven songs suddenly turned into something personal and significant and wonderful. It’s already breath-taking when it happens with one song, but when it’s a whole album? No words left to describe it.

Go and support this young band: buy the album, have a look at their videos or see if maybe they play somewhere near you. Unfortunately, they won’t be anywhere near me, but I just now, while typing this post, wrote a post-it for my sister, at whose desk I am seated, and stuck it to her wall, right on eye-level, because they’ll be performing quite near her in mid-November.

That’s all. Oh, wait. I’ll leave you with this wonderful, wonderful weekly collection of links that my friend Adam puts together every Monday on songsfortheday. Apart from general awesome music and info, he put up a video of The Lumineers, so it’s quite topical.


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