a tale of love and friendship and the defeating of a monster

I attended the wedding of two very good friends just a week ago and it was beautiful and special and made me very happy (although probably not as happy as the couple themselves). I flew from Germany to the UK to be there, but some of their (our) friends came from Ireland, Kosovo, Armenia, Kuwait… all the way to share this day with them. It made me feel all fuzzy and warm.

In before the day, I really liked both of their attitudes to the event: very laid-back, low-key, natural. For them, it was about having their families and friends there and to make vows of love and trust to each other. All the trimmings were secondary. Maybe that’s why everything worked out beautifully. The place where they held the wedding – a family holiday resort on the Norfolk coast – was situated in a charming and almost too-cute-to-be-real English village and right next to some amazing sand dunes and the ocean. The weather behaved impeccably and gave us wide blue skies and sunshine and a small breeze that fluttered the bride’s black locks across her face and fluffed the groom’s blond hair.

The bride had chosen a black-and-white colour theme for everything and although it sounds very unusual for a wedding, it worked out great – the caterers had decorated everything in black, white and silver and it looked simple and elegant and festive. And all the love and happiness in the air made everything sparkle and seem more brilliant and significant than on a normal day.

And even if every single arrangement had gone wrong, at the moment during the ceremony where they turned to each other and looked in each other’s eyes and repeated those vows in quiet, solemn voices somewhere between emotion and nerves… nothing mattered more than that. I did not expect to cry, but from the moment when they walked in, she so beautiful and radiant, and he so cutely stunned and hardly daring to breathe, I had to grab my friend’s hand and hold very, very tight and she held right back as she fought her own tears.  It was that kind of moment and that kind of day.

Which just goes to show that less is often more. Or, as in this case, that it is much, much more than you dared hope for. Or, even more to the point: that it’s really only about the love you share as family, as friends and as a couple.

And to imagine that this day could easily not have happened, if the monster in this story, the UK’s immigration laws, would have had the last word! But monsters can be defeated if you stand up to them and stand together. And if they are slain, you will get this much beauty:


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writer, ex-teacher, human rights believer & fighter, traveller, adventure-seeker, freedom lover, global citizen. big on daydreams, less so on reality.

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  1. Awwww! My eyes watered reading about it. That was beautiful! I love Love Stories!
    All the best to your friends.

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