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NaNoWriMo – day 2

Let me say again: I’m searching for a room in London, while living out of a backpack and moving from one friend’s place to another. Just as background information.

The foreground is, that I reached yesterday’s quota today. I am now at 2701 words. It’s almost midnight and I’m exhausted from walking round the city all day, getting lost, finding myself somewhere I’ve never been before (theoretically a good thing, but the problem is that I cannot explain how I got there at all, which is a bit strange) and from travelling on the tube without being able to breathe, or at least not without smelling someone’s sweaty armpits. Ugh.

So the first chapter is finished and I think I have Ally hooked on the adventure – after what I let her experience today (hint: it involves a wolf), I have almost no doubt she’ll come back to the shop tomorrow – almost reluctantly, maybe, but she’ll come – to find out what the deal is with this place. I can feel her tossing and turning on her bed in my mind, trying to answer the unanswerable question: did she really see what she thinks she saw? Or was she dreaming? I’ll let her stew over it. She’ll be almost bursting with curiosity and the need to know by tomorrow, even though she might not be able to admit it to herself. Tomorrow is also when I’ll be meeting her again, because I cannot, for the life of me, go on writing tonight.

(Yes, I know I’m a day behind. I don’t care. I’ll catch up tomorrow.)

All the other Wrimos – how was your day?