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Sunday Song

It’s late morning. The sun is shining with a bright, white, winter light in between the high, grey-blue clouds. The trees in the garden are practically bare, only a few last red leaves cling to the branches.

The dog is napping, stretched out in the sunlight. It’s very quiet. Tracy Chapman is providing the perfect soundtrack.

a sweet deal

I’m packing. I’m practically gone. Off for almost two weeks. This weekend, I have the happiness of attending the wedding of two very wonderful friends, in a tiny village on the Norfolk coast (the east of England). After that, I’m teaming up with my youngest sister for a week (or so) of hiking and general nature-revering. After that… no idea. Bum around somewhere and be a nuisance to my England-based friends, I guess.

But before I’m off, I’m leaving you a little goodbye present.

This morning, I listened to a song that a friend recommended. I listened twice, liked it, and then I didn’t listen to it again all day (because I was running around, stressing about packing and doing last-minute travel-and-wedding-related stuff). Just now, at eight in the evening, I caught myself humming a tune that I couldn’t place… It had a snappy, catchy, happy riff that sounded as if someone was sliding down the banister with lots of noise, then lightly skipping up the stairs again… I kept humming and suddenly I realized that it was the song from this morning.

Any song that stays in your subconscious the whole day and emerges again almost completely intact after only two listens is well worth being talked about.

So I’m talking about it. It’s called “Sweeten the Deal” and the good-looking guys behind it are The Deadline Shakes. Listen, and please tell me if you can find other words to describe that quick downward plunge and upwards skip. And if you want to tell me if you like it, you can do that, too.