impressions of a holiday


This is my first completely finished writing project, a collection of poems and photographs inspired by a trip to the Balkans.


  1. That’s just amazing! I love the association of words and pictures, story and poetry! Your words can talk about feelings and colors and smells, I really had the feeling to be there with you while reading it (well, in a small part I was…:))) Just one more thing…never, never try again to make me believe that you’re having lazy days, ok? You’re not lazy you’re a genius!!!

    • Well, even if I might be genius in your eyes, I’m still lazy. 🙂
      Thank you for your words anyway! And yes, you were a part of it – I loved the music sharing on the bus ride.

  2. Hadijah Kisembo Mbabazi

    Thank you very much for the creativity, you have all our support.

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