December in pictures

November went by fast and slow at the same time and even though I started out all motivated and geared up for NaNo, I didn’t get very far and have “lost”. I’m not going to tell you any lame excuses, I could have done it easily, if only I’d done it. So… Where does this leave us?

Right in the middle of December, I’d say. Alright, not the middle, but you know what I mean. Actually, December has been much more varied and fun than November so far and although I usually don’t get into any Christmassy spirit until (roughly) December 23rd, I’m well ahead this time. These are some of the things that have happened in December so far:

  • My sister and I had the first winter-time-tea with our grandma (and supposedly an elderly neighbour, but she forgot us…), featuring lots of candles, tea with fresh ginger, lemon and honey, dried apples from my uncle’s garden, grapefruit, mandarines and candied ginger. I tried my hand at photographing a still life, but I struggled with the background… How do you blend that out?


  • On the morning of the second (1st Advent), me and the dog went for our morning walk in the first real snow of the year – fresh, crunchy, untouched snow – what a joy! Half a minute after taking this picture, a fox came along this path, stopped, stared at us for a second, then retreated into the hedge. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to capture him and Nobby (featured in the photo) didn’t notice anything until he reached the spot where the fox had stood, where he sniffed, became excited, disappeared into the hedge and wasn’t seen again for the next couple of minutes. (nothing happened, he’s much too slow for any wildlife…)


  • When Nobby and I got back, my sister and I put up the Christmas decoration around the house, most notably the beautiful window stars that our youngest sister makes. We knew we’d be in deep trouble with her as well as with our Mum if we didn’t put them up. We do love them, however, so it’s not hard to remember them. They always look lovely, but they do especially so when it’s snowy (so that the background is all white) and the sun lights them up from behind.



  • A friend came to spend the day with us (which meant a train ride of two hours one way!) and after drinking lots of hot tea and coffee and eating mandarines and winter confectionery, we let our inner artists out (well, I did – my sister and our friend are artists, so their inner artist is also their outer artist… am I making sense?) and made some Christmas cards. This is one that my sister made, which is much prettier than anything I did:


  • And then we made lots and lots and lots of Christmas cookies!




  • And last (for now), I tried to take photos of snowflakes this morning, but as much as I love my camera, I think it’s not quite enough for that task…

P1290839 1


So, how has November left you? And what’s your December like so far?

And incidentally – which one of the two “snowflake” pictures do you like better? Or don’t you like them at all? I can’t make up my mind – feedback is greatly appreciated!


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  1. love it! it was fun all the way and I think the 4 days of december so far also much more fun then november!
    and I think the second picture better, for it the focus of the snow is clearer… ya

  2. I think I like the second snowflake better, but they are both good. I’ll give you my camera to play with when I’m home.

  3. I definitely like the second one better. I think the flakes stand out better and the background has a nice blurring to it.

    I’m not a big fan of snow but I’d give anything to take a crack at capturing a snowflake or two. Maybe we will get some this year. You have inspired me.

    Great post!

    • 🙂 Nice to be inspiration for someone! It looks like it will be a real winter this year, at least over here. By February at the latest I’ll be so sick of snow, I’ll gladly send you some. But I hope you’ll have some snow for yourself… it’s so pretty, especially the first one of the season. Thanks for your input about the photo – I do like that one better for the snowflake, but I also like the path in the background on the first one.

  4. Sounds like you’ve been having a good time! Those cookies look really good, and you should’ve showed us the card you made too. Also, the second picture is definitely nicer.
    November wasn’t good to me, but so far December has been nice. 🙂

    • Oh, too bad about your November – was it NaNo-related? The cookies are wonderful and I have to exercise a lot of willpower to not eat them all the time! 🙂

      • A little bit of NaNo, but more work-related. I don’t remember the last time I was this exhausted. And I’ll bet! But hey, you can just eat now and worry about the consequences when the festivities are over. 😉

  5. 최다해 gongjumonica

    Lovely! And the snow! I am living in a tropical country and I haven’t experienced a white Christmas yet.

    • I’m sure you will once you’ve become an ambassador and living in some country that has seasons. We don’t always have white Christmas here either – the last couple of years it started raining some days before Christmas and it all melted away and only came back in January. But it really is very lovely with snow around that time of year, with all the lights and decoration and so on. I’m sure you’d love it!

      • 최다해 gongjumonica

        Wow, thank you! I am still hoping that I will be a diplomat, and an ambassador if I got lucky, in the future. I must pass the very competitive Foreign Service Officer Exam first! Ah, I’ve heard some countries which also do not have white Christmas, but still…snow around the Yule season will sure be lovely!

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