Sunday Song

It’s late morning. The sun is shining with a bright, white, winter light in between the high, grey-blue clouds. The trees in the garden are practically bare, only a few last red leaves cling to the branches.

The dog is napping, stretched out in the sunlight. It’s very quiet. Tracy Chapman is providing the perfect soundtrack.

About wordsurfer

writer, ex-teacher, human rights believer & fighter, traveller, adventure-seeker, freedom lover, global citizen. big on daydreams, less so on reality.

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    LOVE Tracy Chapman. Was just wondering the other day if she has new albums out. Fast Car. Such memories.

    • … depends on what you call new. There was an album a few years ago, but I have to admit that I don’t know it very well. The last one that I’m acquainted with is ‘Where you live’. And that came out in 2005 – and yes, I had to look that up right now, don’t worry. 🙂

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